The Husband Of Andrea, Father Of 2, Papa To 3 Grandbabies And 1 More On The Way.

Blake Is A Dedicated, Hard Worker. Employed At Glad Manufacturing In Amherst, Va. 

He Is A Kind Hearted Person That Would Do Anything That He Could For The People He Loves And Cares About. 

Blake Has The Most Generous, Giving Heart Who Is Always Standing Up And Working For Children With Different Abilities.

He Started Puzzled With A Vision To Help Children With Different Abilities To Feel Included And Not Ignored Or Put Aside Because The Have A Different Ability Than What Others Consider Normal Because He Also Has A Different Ability And Knows What That Feels Like.

He Is Hilarious And Is Always Trying To Make People Smile And Laugh. He Is Definitely Know For His Jokes, Crazy Antics And Pranks. 

He Never Meets A Stranger And Can And Will Talk To Anyone.

He’s Known For Going To Other Car Shows And Handing Out Hot Wheels To The Children.

He Doesn’t Like The Spotlight Because He Always Says “It’s Not About Me, It’s About The Kids”

He Puts His Heart And Soul Into Everything He Does Especially Puzzled. Puzzled Is Blake’s Baby, His Pride And Joy And He Wants To Make It Better For Everyone That Attends So He Can Help More Kids!