About Puzzled Events

Our team here are Puzzled have a mission to Ignite autism awareness via an annual car show & family festival and more. Inspiring smiles, supporting kids. We are hosting these awesome events in the community partnering with local organizations so that we can make a huge impact and bring awareness and acceptance to Autism and other Special Abilities and the to showcase the resources that are available.

We have a goal to raise over $50,000 annually for the Everyone is Special program with Amazement Square. Learn More Below...


The Everyone is Special (EIS) program is an extension of Amazement Square’s educational priorities to cultivate an engaged community of lifelong learners and ensure hands-on experiential learning is accessible to all visitors. Through this program Amazement Square is able to provide unique museum exploration experiences to children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, their siblings, and parents. Additionally, this program provides STEAM based experiential learning opportunities to adaptive learning classrooms.

All the money we raise goes to this amazing program. You can learn more at https://www.amazementsquare.org/everyone-is-special/.